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Is AI ruining the future?

There has been a lot of talking the past few months about the implications of automation. Automation is inevitable, this is true. But, do we think it’s the most ethical thing to continue on this path knowing we are destroying so many future jobs?

Elon Musk has this idea where we will all be given a set salary, something he calls ‘Universal Basic Income’ because there will not be enough work to go around. I am hesitant to say that this would ever become reality when we aren’t even willing to let people have civilized healthcare.

I’m a bit more interested in the life something like a basic income would bring. Would people feel less fulfilled because they do not have to work? Statistically, people who do not work are far more likely to be depressed. I speculate that the amount of money given would be less than what someone would need to go on vacations abroad or dine out at fancy restaurants. Would our quality of life drop?

What would retirement be if your whole life becomes retirement? Who regulates how much retirement money you’re given? How do people pay for healthcare? If you are on a set income how do you hustle to pay off the high bills for cancer treatment? Does the government automatically pay for healthcare because they regulate all of your money?

Is this Wall-e? To be quite frank, I’m concerned.