Tech UX

Kroger Clicklist- an IA Nightmare

At dinner on Sunday my aunt was telling me her thoughts towards the Kroger Clicklist. She raved about how awesome it was to have all of her groceries delivered to her car when it was snowing outside. She ranted about trying to find items in the app. This, I thought, sounds like it’s worth researching.

  1. Downloaded app
  2. Registered.
  3. Landed at this homepage.(left screen below) Clicked on the “Clicklist” ad banner. I assumed that I needed to click it in order to use Clicklist. I then ended up on the page on the right.


  4. ABORT MISSION! What is this webpage? Didn’t I just register? I quickly returned back to home with the little back arrow in the top left corner. I then decided to add some items to my list with the green circles. They magically turned red to allow removal. Great.
  5. I decided to look for some Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Apparently there is nothing in the taxonomy with the word “cinnamon” in it… but there is a coupon! The irony.
  6. There was a small ray of hope when I went to the list page. I was able to add the items on my list directly to my Clicklist! Somehow this feature worked despite avoiding that page the banner ad took me to.
  7. But then they didn’t have potatoes. Womp womp.
  8. At last, I made it to submitting an order.

Recap: I can see why this app has a love-hate relationship. The user journey is confusing when a user approaches it the first time. Some of it, like the icons, were done right. It seems to me that the team that built it did not do any user testing. If they had tested they would have found out immediately that the Clicklist banner at the top is a big pain point.

I don’t shop at Kroger, but if I did and it was five degrees outside I’d be tempted to use this.