Tech UX

UX Tools Love Letters

A love letter to my favorite tools:

My Dearest Sketch,

I did not believe in love-at-first-sight until I met you. It was as if you whisked me away from Photoshop and into your arms as fast as your lightweight program runs. Photoshop simply could not keep up with your speed. With you, things never become stale. Last month you surprised me with Craft and I was once again blown away. Just like your auto sync to InVision, you auto sync to my heart.

xoxo Paige Josie


Dear Google Drive,

Every summer when my Macbook Pro decides to have a meltdown and require restoring to factory settings you sweep in like Superman and save all of my work from destruction. You let me declare my own information architecture. You share with me your cool word processor and presentation software. Thanks for being my lifeline.

Your BFF,



Dear Invision,

Did you know that you have saved me from creating really awful designs? Did you know that you saved our developers hours and hours of wasted time on products that wouldn’t have worked. My favorite part about you is your openness towards change. From our tech agency to you, thank you.